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Thorsten Schütz | Sales Unit Leader

Dear Thorsten, before we talk about your current job at ZIEGERT, I would like you to introduce yourself. Where did you originally come from? What was your career like?

After the classic career with Abitur and Bundeswehr, a bank apprenticeship as well as an excursion into business administration with a focus on real estate, I decided to work in the area of private banking at a large German bank. Since I wanted to become an architect as a child and my interest in real estate continued unabated, my path inevitably led me into the exciting world of real estate. My first stop was the nationwide sale of residential real estate to owner-occupiers and investors in the area of residential privatisation for a medium-sized real estate company. After some exciting years with very interesting projects, the logical change followed to a large German brokerage house, for which I was responsible for the distribution of commercial real estate in the position of an investment manager. My professional career then led me to the investment team of DEKA-Bank in Frankfurt, which dealt with residential, commercial and office properties as well as the sale of shopping centres and real estate packages. From there I moved to Jones Lang LaSalle in Berlin, where I was responsible for retail real estate as Director Transaction for several years. I have been Sales Unit Leader at ZIEGERT since April 2019 and look forward every day to new and exciting tasks in a great team.

Why did you decide to join ZIEGERT?

Before I joined Ziegert, I had a number of considerations and events that made my decision to join ZIEGERT very easy: On the one hand, I have been following the rapid development of ZIEGERT and the changes on the local residential real estate market with great interest for years. On the other hand, in recent years my desire to return to my roots – the residential property – has grown. Taken together, these two factors made it very easy for me to choose Ziegert as my Sales Unit Leader.

How is the sales team structured? What are your daily tasks as team leader in sales?

At Ziegert I am responsible for a strong sales team consisting of independent and permanent brokers. Due to the international orientation within the team, we are able to advise and support clients from the Asian, Eastern European and Arabic regions in their native language as well as German-speaking customers. Our brokers are deployed on a property-specific basis and are also supported by team coordinators. In this way we ensure that our clients are looked after by expert contacts as quickly as possible, in a qualified and reliable manner.
The daily tasks as team leader are varied, and no two days are the same. Every single week presents new challenges, which we are happy to face. In addition to the typical steering functions and operational tasks, I try to support my team professionally, motivate them and remove obstacles. As a result, everyone in the team can concentrate on what they like best – working with the customer.

Can you please tell us about a very special experience of success at ZIEGERT?

I always feel successful when my team can balance fun with success. As a result, I don’t want to emphasize any particular experience, but look forward to every day that we work on our goals with passion and dedication.

What distinguishes ZIEGERT’s sales department?

Ziegert’s sales and marketing methods are characterised by reliability, speed and professionalism. My team and I give our best every day, with the support of many other departments, to fulfil our customers’ dream of owning their own property, whether for their own use or as a capital investment. We accompany our clients as trustworthy partners and support them throughout the entire purchase process.

Thank you very much for the interview!