Arbeiten bei Ziegert

Unsere Mitarbeiter im Interview

Marcel Niklaus | Working Student HR

Dear Marcel, before we talk about your job at ZIEGERT, I would like you to introduce yourself. Where did you originally come from? How did your career look like so far?

My name is Marcel Niklaus and I was born and raised in Berlin. After graduating high school and finishing civil service I completed an apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer at the Berlin S-Bahn. After almost 6 years on the S-Bahn, I wanted to develop further in a different direction. Through my work as a youth and trainee representative at the S-Bahn, I decided to study Business Administration full-time with a focus on personnel management and business law, which I will successfully complete at the end of 2019.

Why did you decide to do an internship at ZIEGERT?

My interest in the real estate industry and a very appealing job advertisement for a working student and intern position in HR drew my attention to Ziegert. The job description corresponded exactly to my idea in order to get a broad and yet accurate overview of HR.

What was your first big task?

My first major task was the revision and optimization of communication templates for the recruiting process.

What are your other activities?

After more than a year as a working student and intern, I largely did all the generalist tasks and completely accompanied the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to refilling a position.

How is the relationship with your colleagues?

The relationship in the team is friendly but also professional. It’s fun to work in a team where you can support each other and laugh a lot.

What tips can you give to applicants who still have the selection process ahead of them?

Be yourself! It’s not good for the applicant or the team if you pretend to be someone else in the interview. And of course, we would like the applicant to feel like working for us.

What was your best moment in your internship/working student activity so far?

There were many of them – the cooperation with my colleagues, the fact that colleagues from other departments perceive me as a fully-fledged employee, and in particular the trust I get to implement tasks and projects on my own responsibility.

What is your conclusion about your time at ZIEGERT so far?

I have learned an incredible amount, got to know great people and have a fresh new perspective on the real estate industry.

Many thanks Marcel for the interview!