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our employees in an interview

Malte Borau | Product Development

Dear Malte, before we are going to talk about your current position at ZIEGERT, we would like you to present yourself briefly. Where are you from originally? What’s your professional background? Why did you choose a career at ZIEGERT?

Originally, I am from a region nearby Hanover. I moved to Cottbus after my Abitur to study architecture. After my diploma I worked at first for the property valuation in a bank and afterwards switched to a classic architecture office in Berlin. However, I always wanted to combine both aspects, the economic and the creative field. That is why I applied for Ziegert where I found the perfect combination.

What was the application process like? Who did you meet during the interviews?

Overall, I had two personal interviews which where both easy-going but also very informative. The first interview was with my boss at that time and one of my current colleagues. Afterwards I had another interview with the Head of New Business Consulting and the Head of Marketing.

How fast was the process from application to hiring?

The application process was very fast. It only took two to three weeks.

What has your career at ZIEGERT looked like to date – starting with the first day in the company until now?

At the beginning, I had the time to get used to the new tasks and was supported in topics, which I didn’t know from my previous work. Besides creative work like the rescheduling of ground plans and the work on furnishings of old and new buildings I learned – instructed by my colleagues – also legal and notional things. I felt appreciated that I had got responsibilities at an early stage which improved my personal development. Currently, I advise property developers regarding architectural questions as well as in big new building projects in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Tell us a little more about your team and your responsibilities.

I am working in the Product Development & Strategy department at ZIEGERT. We are currently a team of 6 people consisting of architects and project developers and hence, we cover a wide real estate knowledge. Our field of activities starts basically with the acquisition of projects and extends far into sales. We work closely together with departments like the New Business Consulting, Research and Marketing to optimize our products.

In your opinion, what qualities should applicants have to work in your team?

Above all it is very important that one wants to optimize architecture. For developers but especially for clients who want to live in the apartment. An applicant should have a good feel for aesthetic and have the ability to put oneself in the clients place. Besides that, a specialized apprenticeship or studies is the basic requirement.

What sets ZIEGERT apart?

The company constantly renews and reinvents itself and therefore develops constantly new approaches regarding the topic real estate. At Ziegert dynamic is a constant. A working method which suits me fine and which I found at ZIEGERT.

What are your hopes for the future?

I want to work on many other exciting and architectural high-quality projects and to influence them in a positive way. Furthermore, I hope to be involved in the development of projects in an earlier stage to create products with a sustainable impact.