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Aleksandra Kozubek | Property Consultant

Dear Aleksandra,

Before we talk about your current activities at ZIEGERT, I would appreciate it if you could briefly introduce yourself. Where are you originally from? What was your professional career like?

With pleasure! My name is Aleksandra Kozubek, I was born in Poland and have lived in Berlin since I was two years old.
In my free time I practice KRAV MAGA twice a week to recharge my batteries. During my professional career in the luxury fashion industry I had the opportunity to perfect commercial processes and to implement them independently. Quality in my customer service and the pursuit of outstanding performance means for me the perfect balance between high quality products and exceptional service for our customers.

My second child was born at the end of 2016. I used the parental leave to think about new challenges. Inspired by the book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, I knew that it was time to fulfil my potential. The desire to become an independent career woman arose in me.

Since February 2018 I have been a real estate agent with a focus on exclusive new-build projects at Ziegert Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH, out of a deep conviction.

Why did you decide to join ZIEGERT?

Since the ZIEGERT Group is a dynamically growing real estate company and market leader in Berlin, I soon realized that I was in the perfect place to learn from the professionals as well as to be promoted internally!

How is the Sales team structured? What are your daily tasks as a real estate agent in Sales?

I belong to the “exclusive” team of highly professional and international colleagues. My work as a real estate agent is very varied, though the focus is of course on customer service. I accompany my clients on the way to their dream property, through the entire search and purchase process. This also includes conducting viewings, accompanying them to notarial appointments and acquiring new customers as well as observing the local market.

Can you please tell us about a very special feeling of success at ZIEGERT?

Every day I experience feelings of success in very different ways!
In order to have a sense of success I needed trust above all. I receive this trust in myself and my work daily, from my colleagues, my entire department as well as the company.

What distinguishes Sales at ZIEGERT?

As our CEO Sven Henkes so powerfully says, “We are the DNA of the company”. Every day, we proudly respect and live our ZIEGERT values: trust, responsibility, appreciation and dynamism.

What should a sales professional bring along to be successful at ZIEGERT?

First and foremost, it is conviction and motivation! You should pursue your goals ambitiously, being independent and goal-oriented. We are team players, so you should also bring this quality with you. Excellent knowledge of human nature and persuasiveness are also prerequisites. You should always treat our customers in a professional and service-oriented manner during the entire time.

Thank you very much for the interview!