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Real estate search in Berlin - what to look out for?

The federal capital Berlin is booming, and has been for years. The economy is growing, new and interesting start-ups are regularly emerging here, and the metropolis is also important from a political point of view. Berlin is also considered a particularly attractive and worthwhile place to live. No wonder, then, that more and more people are attracted to the city every year who would like to settle there permanently. Find out here what to consider when looking for real estate and what the housing market is like and feel free to use our Property Search.

Versatile, well networked and attractive: that's Berlin

The capital has a total area of approx. 891 km², which extends over 12 districts with 96 districts. Despite its comparatively small size, Berlin-Mitte has the highest population density. Centrally located and equipped with a multitude of advantages such as Alexanderplatz or the Brandenburg Gate as well as excellent connections, the district is home to around 356,500 inhabitants. An absolute tourist magnet is the Alexanderplatz with its world time clock, which shows the time of 148 cities. In addition, the two shopping centres Alexa and Galeria Kaufhof offer countless shopping opportunities. For city fans, the multi-storey residential buildings in Friedrichstrasse and Leipziger Strasse are perfect.
Berlin-Tiergarten is also home to the government district, which is why numerous government employees have sought their homes here. The district is popular with both tourists and locals. This is not least due to the varied leisure facilities, which include the Zoological Garden and the Aquarium, Bellevue Castle – the official residence of the Federal President – as well as the Instrument Museum and the New National Gallery.

Tiergarten offers several advantages for families, as it boasts numerous kindergartens, seven schools and a very good infrastructure to these educational institutions. Green spaces such as the famous park provide a beautiful cityscape and are popular with young and old for jogging, barbecuing or football matches.
If you like it a little quieter, you will feel at home in the southwestern district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The affluent part of town requires a little higher living costs, but also has a lot to offer. Here you will find city villas and detached houses with a generous cut, green spaces characterise the cityscape and surround the houses. In addition, Zehlendorf has excellent connections, schools and day-care centres as well as a very good supply on site.

The development of real estate prices in Berlin

Due to the unbalanced relationship between supply and demand – there are only a few vacant properties, but increasing demand from numerous newcomers – sufficient time should be allowed for when looking for accommodation in the capital. In addition, purchase and rental prices have risen steadily in recent years – for all property sizes and types. This price increase is least noticeable in the purchase of residential property, which is only slightly above the German average. However, if you are looking for a rented apartment, you should expect slightly higher expenses. This is due to the enormous demand for all districts, including those that have so far received less attention.

It is advisable to focus on the eastern part of the city when looking for accommodation – regardless of whether you want to rent or buy. Residential properties tend to be cheaper in eastern Berlin. While you pay €570 for a 50 m² apartment in Spandau to the west for a warm rent, an apartment of the same category in Mahrzahn to the east requires only €450. For residential property, the differences are even greater: around 950,000 € are to be calculated for a house with an area of 190 m² in Dahlem (Zehlendorf). If you buy a similar property in Friedrichshagen, this price is halved directly. Experts forecast that prices here will also adjust to western levels in the coming years.

Characteristics of real estate in the capital city

Its versatility and rich variety are among the typical characteristics of the metropolis on the Spree. This also applies to the local real estate. Here you will find a colourful mixture of different architectural styles that have emerged in the past centuries. Magnificent quarters from the Gründerzeit characterise the appearance of the city centre, for example on Kurfürstendamm. Public facilities and squares are characterised by the style of Prussian classicism. These include the State Opera, the Museum Island and Bebelplatz. The structural development of the city continues to progress due to various projects – change is basically the primary constant of Berlin.

Characteristics of the real estate market in Berlin

  • Despite rising prices, the costs are on a low level in the German and European comparison.
  • The highest brokerage fees in Germany are charged in Berlin
  • Objects that were built between 1960 and 1980 can be obtained at a reasonable price.
  • The biggest price increases were seen in sales and new lettings in the S-Bahn ring segment
  • Despite rising costs, there is still an enormous demand for apartments – whether rent or purchase – in the German capital.
  • Those who orient themselves more towards the outskirts near the border benefit – with the exception of some attractive locations – from lower prices.
  • Further construction projects are to increase the available living space. These have already been realised in Adlershof or Tempelhofer Feld or are still being planned and will also contribute to a more attractive cityscape.

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