Buying a penthouse in Berlin

Buying a penthouse in Berlin: An overview

What is a penthouse apartment?

A penthouse is a separate unit built on the top storey of a multi-level building. The interior floor space of a penthouse is usually smaller compared to the other storeys in the building, allowing for additional outdoor areas like rooftop terraces or gardens. Penthouses are perfect for anyone seeking an amazing view and a moderately sized, customised oasis amid the hustle and bustle of a big city.

Living centrally and in style

Penthouse apartments offer upscale living with unique contemporary architecture and interiors. Generously arranged living spaces, lavish rooftop terraces including pools or lounges, and breathtaking views over the city make penthouses highly sought-after real estate, especially in the luxury sector. Penthouses are particularly suitable for business professionals, who may use them not only for personal purposes, but also to host – and impress – clients in a sophisticated private space.

Live, work, flourish

Another benefit of penthouses is that they provide ample opportunities for creative customisation. Thanks to generous layouts, penthouse floorplans can be designed flexibly, often with the help of additional walls. This flexibility extends to interior design. With so much room to customise, creating the perfect interior concept can be a daunting task. Our design team at Studio Z is happy to help you make the most of your new space.

Creating oases of calm in your penthouse’s exterior spaces will also require a certain level of aesthetic finesse. Whether you’re dreaming of a full-blown outdoor garden or an elegant terrace with sleek wood floors and lounge furniture, penthouse apartments can offer perks usually reserved for freestanding suburban homes – all without having to leave the city centre.

Penthouses are particularly suitable for business professionals who plan to use their properties for both private and professional purposes. Their comfortable yet upscale quality can provide the ideal atmosphere for private meetings – and a sure way to impress important clients.

Penthouse apartments: real estate superstars

Penthouse apartments are real estate superstars; it’s not hard to understand why so many prospective buyers dream of calling one their own. Those looking to buy a home will be rewarded with a high level of luxury and comfort, while those looking purely to invest can look forward to high demand and lucrative returns.

The numerous advantages of penthouse living, combined with their limited supply, make them highly sought-after real estate, especially in cities like Berlin. This makes it much easier to find potential tenants compared to other types of property. But finding the right tenant for such a high-end form of real estate is best handled with the help of an expert. Are you looking for the perfect tenant for your penthouse? Give us a call – we’re happy to help!

Buying a penthouse: what to keep in mind

If you’re looking to buy a penthouse apartment, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I ready to pay for luxury?

A penthouse apartment is a luxury property, offering exclusive interiors, an ideal location, and unparalleled privacy and calm. If you’re willing to do without some of these perks, you might consider buying a different kind of property, one that may be less pricey but offer more square metres for your money.

2. Do I prefer total privacy or a sense of community?

Living in a penthouse means living apart from your neighbours. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your taste. You should ask yourself if you’re the type of person that prefers being integrated into a residential community or retreating into the comfort of your own four walls.

3. Do I really need a terrace or garden?

Exterior areas are an essential part of the penthouse experience. While breathtaking views and lush terrace greenery are certainly appealing, they also come at a certain price and require more consistent maintenance. If you’re seriously considering buying a penthouse, you should be aware of the additional effort and expense.

4. What’s more important – aesthetics or efficiency?

Penthouses are luxury apartments, and what you gain in exclusive features, you often pay for in inefficient design. Open floorplans can mean quite a bit of space devoted to individual fixtures, fittings, and furniture, with functionality sometimes taking a back seat. If experimenting with unusual design is something you love, a penthouse can provide the perfect canvas. If not, you may want to consider other types of luxury properties such as maisonettes, lofts, and atelier apartments, all available in the ZIEGERT portfolio.

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