Buying a Five-Bedroom in Berlin

Buying a five-bedroom flat in Berlin: A look at the current market

Many people dream of having a large home, whether to accommodate their families, home offices, or large circle of friends. Since interest rates are currently at an all-time low, now is the time to seize one of the many attractive offers out there. Make your dream of owning a five-bedroom flat come true!

According to the Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg, smaller units make up the greatest part of Berlin’s housing stock. In 2018, 33 percent of all flats in the city were three-bedroom flats, 27 percent four-bedroom. Only 11 percent of flats have fivebedrooms, although these are the third most sought-after type of property.

Where to look for a five-room flat in Berlin

Larger flats with ample space for friends and family are most common in Berlin’s outer districts, where your chances of finding the perfect five-bedroom are accordingly higher. Given the high density of housing in the city’s more centrally located neighbourhoods, flats with more than three bedrooms are somewhat of a rarity. But include compromise areas like Pankow into your search, and your chances of finding a spacious dream property will improve considerably. Pankow and its neighbouring districts, located in the eastern part of Berlin, are attracting more and more buyers and tenants looking for quiet, family-oriented communities brimming with parks and green spaces – as well as excellent connections to the city centre. Property prices are significantly lower in these areas than in Mitte or Kreuzberg, making the purchase of a five-bedroom apartment less of a risk.

Advantages of buying – and living in – a larger apartment

Prospective buyers looking to buy a home for their family are usually interested in long-term investments. A five-bedroom flat is especially attractive for young couples who plan to start a family: they won’t have to restructure their daily lives or look for a bigger place once the children arrive. Large apartments are also a great form of old age provision, provided they’re equipped to accommodate future mobility limitations – with an elevator, say, or through proximity to doctors and pharmacies. Shopping opportunities within walking distance can seriously boost independence and quality of life for seniors.

Minimising risk through long-term investment planning

Purchasing a five-bedroom flat a sensible option for investors and a great way to build wealth. Long-term lease agreements can minimise administrative effort, expense, and the risk of rental loss since long-term tenancies tend to build trust – as well as yielding lucrative and reliable returns. A five-bedroom flat may require high initial capital to purchase, but the historically low interest rates and otherwise ideal conditions for home buyers mean that the risks of long-term financial burden are relatively minimal.

If you need help finding the perfect property and counsel on a prospective purchase, we invite you to draw on our extensive expertise and years of professional experience. We’re happy to assist you at every step along the way, from first consultation to purchase completion – and, if you plan to let your new property, with the search for an ideal tenant. Finding your dream real estate can be a breeze. Contact us today to discuss options with one of our consultants and begin your search.

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