Three-room flats in Berlin

Buying a three-room: facts and figures

A three-room apartment is the perfect fit for many tenants and owners because it can be adapted to different phases of life. Three-rooms are comparably affordable, yet offer enough space and flexibility for a range of needs, from guest room or home office to nursery

Percentage of Berlin’s overall housing stock in 2019*


The percentage of three-bedroom flats in Berlin has remained steady at 27 percent, followed by four-bedrooms at 11 percent. Two-bedroom flats, for their part, constitute 33 percent of Berlin’s total housing stock. An analysis of current housing searches tells a similar story: nearly 30 percent of all inquiries are for a three-bedroom apartment, making it the most sought-after type of home. If you’re considering buying a three-bedroom flat in Berlin, you’re thus entering a fairly well balanced market.

Percentage of 2019 housing searches in Berlin*


Where to look for a three-bedroom flat in Berlin

The winner is clear when it comes to Berlin neighbourhoods popular among three-bedroom buyers and renters: with three-bedrooms comprising nearly 37 percent of the district’s overall housing stock, Mitte tops the list. Here in the city’s geographic centre, young families, singles, and couples will find ideal conditions for a three-bedroom purchase – optimal infrastructure, great transport connections, kindergartens and schools aplenty, as well as doctors, administrative offices, shopping opportunities, and restaurants. It should come as no surprise that this area is particularly popular with Berliners between the ages of 28 and 45.

Purchase and rental prices for three-bedrooms*

districtØ Purchase priceØ Rental price

Buying vs. renting: is Berlin really (still) a city of tenants?

The German capital is known for being a city of renters; in a national ranking of home ownership rates, it holds last place with a mere 14 percent. This state of affairs makes the purchase of a three-bedroom apartment all the more lucrative for investors.

Berlin’s growing popularity and steady population increase of 1.5 percent annually have produced a consistently high demand for rental apartments. The city has not, however, been able to meet this increased demand, with a current deficit of around 9,200 units.

Invest in a centrally located property now, and you can safely anticipate high market demand, consistent rent revenue, and favourable returns.

* Source: Ziegert Digital using data collected by the Statistical Office for Berlin-Brandenburg and ImmobilienScout24, Germany’s leading online real estate portal.

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