Buying a Studio Apartment in Berlin

Studio apartments in Berlin

What you should know

  1. Studio apartments: the perfect home for the modern city dweller
  2. Berlin: big city, small households
  3. Is a studio apartment right for you?

Buying a studio apartment: the perfect home for life in the big city

The number of one-person households has risen steadily over the past few years, and studio apartments have grown increasingly popular as a result. The practical design of a studio – combining sleeping, living, dining, and often kitchen areas – not only saves space and money, but can also provide the high quality of life usually associated with much larger homes. All you need is the right interior concept.

Studio apartments for sale in Berlin – a market overview

Supply and demand for studio apartments vary greatly across Germany depending on the region. In general, the demand is greater in large cities, where there are more single-person households, and lower in rural areas. Compared to the rest of the country, Berlin is particularly awash with studio apartments; in 2018, they comprised almost 18 percent of the city’s overall housing stock. Compare that to the rate for Germany generally – a mere 3 percent – and you’ll see it’s probably not a bad idea to head to Berlin if it’s a studio apartment you’re looking for. Not only are you more likely to find a suitable property in the German capital, you’ll also benefit from comparably low prices. A 40 square metre studio in Berlin is currently going for around €3,600 per square metre; a large apartment of 120 square metres, by contrast, will set you back an average of €5,200 per square metre.

Berlin demographics: big city, small households

In the bustling city by the Spree, traditional family structures – two partners, two kids – are on the decline. In their place, the city is experiencing a steady increase of one-person households, typical of large metropolitan areas. Compared to Germany’s other federal states, Berlin tops the list in this regard, with 55 percent of all households consisting of a single person. At the same time, the city’s overall population is continuously growing, creating a greater demand for these types of homes, especially when they’re affordable, economically sized, and effectively partitioned. That’s why floorplan is a crucial factor to consider when buying a studio apartment. Square, open layouts provide a good foundation for clever partitioning strategies that use shelves or cupboards to separate social and sleeping areas. If the flat is on the top storey, a slanted ceiling might crowd out valuable storage space. Even then, the right furniture can go a long way, and owners with basic carpentry skills might be able to install custom components to create more space.

Studio apartments boast a number of benefits for owners, whether they’re looking to move in or primarily to invest. Because one-person households are on the rise, the demand for studios is growing, making it easier than ever to find suitable tenants. And because studios are relatively small in size, they require less overall investment capital, minimising your risk of going into long-term debt. Since interest rates for property loans are currently low, it’s a generally great time to buy.

Target market for studio apartments

Studios are designed to cover a very specific set of needs. The main target groups include:

  1. Students looking to rent an affordable flat
  2. Singles because lower additional costs are to be paid
  3. Seniors who appreciate a small space that’s easy to clean and maintain


So if you thought students were the only group interested in studio flats, think again. In fact, over the past two decades, seniors have represented the majority of one-person households in Berlin.

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