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Looking for a modern apartment in Berlin’s Oberschöneweide district? You’ve come to the right place! Filter your property search by price, size, or number of rooms and find your dream home with balcony, terrace, or garden at a prime location in Oberschöneweide. The ZIEGERT portfolio includes a multitude of high-quality new apartments for sale, ranging in size from one room to five. Whether you’re looking for an elegant penthouse, a spacious family home, or a compact city flat with parking space, you’re sure to find something you love from among our broad range of real estate options – no matter whether you’re looking to occupy or let. Purchase a high-yield property in Oberschöneweide today, with high potential for appreciation!

Cultural location with charm - Oberschöneweide

At the beginning of the 20th century, Oberschöneweide, located northwest in the district of Treptow-Oberschöneweide, was primarily regarded as a location for the electrical industry, as the large company AEG was based here. In the meantime, the district has been revived, thanks in part to the presence of the Wilhelminendorf campus, which belongs to the University of Applied Sciences. This has attracted many students to Oberschöneweide. Art and culture are offered in the old Reinbeckhallen, while the Kaisersteg, a historic pedestrian bridge, crosses the river Spree to the neighbouring district of Niederschöneweide. The south presents itself as industrial, while in the northwest allotments and to the north and northeast in the district the Wuhlheide with the Volkspark of the same name and the recreation centre provide variety and recreation possibilities. The town centre is heavily built-up, and on the banks of the Spree are several gastronomic facilities and a sculpture garden.

The advantages of Oberschöneweide at a glance

For investors

  • 9.16% Purchase price increase in 2018
  • 6.26% Rental price increase in 2018
  • 4,601 € average price / m²

For owner-occupiers

  • Location of the electrical industry
  • many green allotments
  • historic pedestrian bridge

Comparison of purchase price and rental price*

9.16 %
Purchase price increase
Buying an apartment
The purchase price for condominiums in Oberschöneweide rose in 2018.
4,601 €
Ø Price per m²
Buying an apartment
The average price for one m² was € 4,601 when buying a condominium in Oberschöneweide in 2018.
2.03 %
Rent increase
Apartment Rental
The rent for condominiums in Oberschöneweide also rose in 2018.
12,55 €
Ø Price per m²
Apartment Rental
For a rental apartment in Oberschöneweide, the average price per square metre for 2018 is €12.55.

Market developments in Berlin Oberschöneweide

In 2018, the price per square metre for an apartment in a new building in Oberschöneweide averaged €4,601 , up from €4,215 in 2017 – an increase of 9.16 percent. For a 60 square metre apartment in Oberschöneweide , that amounts to a purchase price of around €276,060 ; for an 80 square metre apartment, about €368,080 . Spacious new apartments of 120 square metres cost around €552,120. Naturally, prices go up for extras like balcony, roof garden, lavish interior, or optimal orientation that provides for unusually good sunlight and views. Given the tight housing market in Berlin right now and the low level of residential construction activity in relation to demand, a further increase in purchase prices for apartments in Oberschöneweide can be expected, especially given the neighbourhood’s high desirability.

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Family-friendly living between Spree and Wuhlheide

Oberschöneweide has a generous supply of kindergartens and primary and secondary schools in some urban areas. This makes the district particularly popular with families. Due to the proximity to the university as well as the existing offer of cultural facilities, it also attracts many students and creative people of all kinds. In addition, there is a whole range of projects for senior citizens, families and young people as well as the many attractive offers of the Wuhlheide Leisure and Recreation Centre (FEZ).

Condominiums for young and old

In recent years, this district on the outskirts of Berlin has developed into a popular residential area for people of different age categories. This is also reflected in the range of properties on offer, so that both single and multiple family homes in green surroundings and city apartments in the neighbourhood can be found here.

Age distribution in Berlin Oberschöneweide

16.36 %
13.92 %
36.18 %
11.63 %
9.37 %
12.54 %
Younger than 18
18 - 27
28 - 45
46 - 55
56 - 65
Older than 65
(as of 2018)