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Buying an apartment in Berlin-Lichtenberg (Lichtenberg)

Looking for a modern apartment in Berlin’s Lichtenberg district? You’ve come to the right place! Filter your property search by price, size, or number of rooms and find your dream home with balcony, terrace, or garden at a prime location in Lichtenberg. The ZIEGERT portfolio includes a multitude of high-quality new apartments for sale, ranging in size from one room to five. Whether you’re looking for an elegant penthouse, a spacious family home, or a compact city flat with parking space, you’re sure to find something you love from among our broad range of real estate options – no matter whether you’re looking to occupy or let. Purchase a high-yield property in Lichtenberg today, with high potential for appreciation!

Honoured condominiums in Lichtenberg - a district on the upswing

For a long time, Lichtenberg was one of the districts that polarized Berlin the most. The image and thus the reputation of this district has changed significantly in recent years.

Not only the popular Victoria city and Karlshorst, which is literally adorned with old buildings and single-family villas, is sought-after by investors and young families. In all neighbourhoods, renovations and the development of vacant, unused spaces increase the value of this district. Lichtenberg is experiencing an upswing, not least due to the reconstruction of the Ostkreuz railway station.

Buying an apartment in Lichtenberg is attractive, as both the expansion of the infrastructure and the renovation of the old buildings here are being driven forward. The proximity to the neighbouring district of Friedrichshain has had a strong influence on Lichtenberg’s popularity over the past decade. Nevertheless, compared to the rest of Berlin, the apartments are extremely moderately priced.

The advantages of Lichtenberg at a glance

For investors

  • 22.74% Purchase price increase in 2018
  • 3.74% Rental price increase in 2018
  • 4.468 € average price / m²

For owner-occupiers

  • Central connection, quiet living
  • Green areas for leisure activities
  • Balanced age and family structure

Comparison of purchase price and rental price*

22,74 %
Purchase price increase
Buying an apartment
In 2018, the purchase price for condominiums in Lichtenberg rose massively.
4,468 €
Ø Price per m²
Buying an apartment
The price for one m² was below the Berlin average when buying a condominium in Lichtenberg in 2018.
3,74 %
Rent increase
Apartment Rental
The rent for condominiums in Lichtenberg also rose in 2018.
9,97 €
Ø Price per m²
Apartment Rental
For a rental apartment in Lichtenberg, the average price per square metre for 2018 is very favourable.

Market developments in Berlin Lichtenberg

In 2018, the price per square metre for an apartment in a new building in Lichtenberg averaged €4,468, up from €3,640 in 2017 – an increase of 22.74 percent. For a 60 square metre apartment in Lichtenberg, that amounts to a purchase price of around €268,080; for an 80 square metre apartment, about €357,440. Spacious new apartments of 120 square metres cost around €536,160. Naturally, prices go up for extras like balcony, roof garden, lavish interior, or optimal orientation that provides for unusually good sunlight and views. Given the tight housing market in Berlin right now and the low level of residential construction activity in relation to demand, a further increase in purchase prices for apartments in Lichtenberg can be expected, especially given the neighbourhood’s high desirability.

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Increase in value through new construction projects

The age trend for those who buy an apartment in Berlin Lichtenberg is clearly on the rise. Although the district is also popular with younger students for temporary living, older Berliners, for whom the various neighbourhoods have become their home, prefer to settle here.
This gives Lichtenberg a quieter appearance at many corners, which makes the district, which is optimally connected to the city centre, a pleasant place to retreat.

Living in Lichtenberg

Where is it best for you to live? A condominium in Lichtenberg is interesting for those who need a good connection to Berlin’s centre, but are not averse to the charm of a suburban idyll, as you will find in the coveted districts of Karlshorst or Rummelsburg.

Age distribution in Berlin Lichtenberg

14,20 %
12,65 %
35,50 %
11,93 %
9,88 %
15,84 %
Younger than 18
18 - 27
28 - 45
46 - 55
56 - 65
Older than 65
(as of 2019)