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Looking for a modern apartment in Berlin’s Grunewald district? You’ve come to the right place! Filter your property search by price, size, or number of rooms and find your dream home with balcony, terrace, or garden at a prime location in Grunewald. The ZIEGERT portfolio includes a multitude of high-quality new apartments for sale, ranging in size from one room to five. Whether you’re looking for an elegant penthouse, a spacious family home, or a compact city flat with parking space, you’re sure to find something you love from among our broad range of real estate options – no matter whether you’re looking to occupy or let. Purchase a high-yield property in Grunewald today, with high potential for appreciation!

Luxury condominiums in Grunewald

The Grunewald district is located in the Wilmersdorf district and is known in Berlin as a residential and excursion destination for the upper middle classes. In contrast to its neighbour Westend, where there are considerably more shopping opportunities, the prices for condominiums in Grunewald are rising significantly. The reason for this, in addition to Berlin’s exceptionally harmonious and green location, is the numerous luxurious villas in the town.

Grunewald is the district close to the centre of Berlin that unites most of the grand house styles: in addition to villas in country house and art nouveau style, there are buildings from the founder time, embassies and apartment buildings in post-modern post-war villas. Here you can also buy special, luxurious apartments in Grunewald. Due to the direct location to the Grunewald itself, after which the district was named, you have sufficient space for leisure activities and relaxation. Many celebrities and politicians have been living in Grunewald since the 1920s and are looking for the undisturbed of the central part of the village.

The advantages and development of Grunewald at a glance

For investors

  • 22,69% Purchase price increase in 2018
  • 18,09% Rental price increase in 2018
  • 11.316 € average price per m²

For owner-occupiers

  • Relaxing living close to forests and waters
  • Splendid villa colonies near the city centre
  • High standard of living and architectural diversity

Comparison of purchase price and rental price*

22.69 %
Purchase price increase
Buying an apartment
In 2018, the purchase price for condominiums in Grunewald rose massively.
11,316 €
Ø Price per m²
Buying an apartment
The average price for a sqm was €11,316 when buying a condominium in Grunewald in 2018.
18.09 %
Rent increase
Apartment Rental
In 2018, the rent for condominiums in Grunewald also rose sharply.
14,56 €
Ø Price per m²
Apartment Rental
For a rental apartment in Grunewald, the average price per square metre for 2018 was 14.56 €.

Market developments in Berlin Grunewald

In 2018, the price per square metre for an apartment in a new building in Grunewald averaged €11,316, up from €9,223 in 2017 – an increase of 22.69 percent. For a 60 square metre apartment in Grunewald, that amounts to a purchase price of around €678,960; for an 80 square metre apartment, about €905,280. Spacious new apartments of 120 square metres cost around €1,357,920. Naturally, prices go up for extras like balcony, roof garden, lavish interior, or optimal orientation that provides for unusually good sunlight and views. Given the tight housing market in Berlin right now and the low level of residential construction activity in relation to demand, a further increase in purchase prices for apartments in Grunewald can be expected, especially given the neighbourhood’s high desirability.

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Between Grunewald and Havel

The value of a condominium in Grunewald is measured above all by its location: Berlin’s Grunewald forest lies to the west of the town. This classic pine forest also borders on the Havel. This combination of forest and water connection is complemented by Grunewald Castle, the Teufelsberg, the Grunewaldturm and smaller lakes. The area around Grunewald is a popular excursion destination for Berliners. It is therefore not surprising that property prices have risen enormously in recent years. The same applies to the purchase of an apartment in Grunewald – an apartment as a capital investment within Berlin’s city centre has the highest price here.

Living in Grunewald: Culture and Communication

Today, the Grunewald villa colony is also characterised by public institutions that combine cultural influences and communication. These include the local Wissenschaftskolleg, the Europäische Akademie and several embassy residences. These and other places of interest are often shown on sightseeing tours through the district.

The large lake plots of the Grunewald are also home to several terraced houses from the 1950s and 1960s. The local villas have been restored in the last 30 years and the new buildings have also been built in sophisticated architecture. There are fewer commercial premises in Grunewald. This also applies to an authentic neighbourhood life. The Grunewald district seems very quiet in all its facets.

Age distribution in Berlin Grunewald

14 %
7 %
18 %
16 %
13 %
32 %
Younger than 18
18 - 27
28 - 45
46 - 55
56 - 65
Older than 65
(as of 2019)