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The large and still growing demand for condominiums in Berlin is also reflected in the price development and in the speed of sale of existing apartments: ZIEGERT needs just two and a half months on average to find a buyer for an apartment in Berlin. Our resale experts determine the optimal price for your property and take care of everything else in order to resell your apartment in an uncomplicated, fast and profitable way.

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Selling an apartment in Berlin: what to keep in mind

Optimally determined sales price

The most decisive factors for a fruitful sale are the right price and optimal timing. A sale will only succeed when the price is fair in relation to the offering. As ever, supply and demand tend to determine the price. That said, the individuality of your property must be taken into consideration. If the price is too low, you’re giving away money; too high, and you’re scaring off potential buyers.

If you’re selling an apartment in Berlin, you can expect many interested buyers. At the moment, new residential construction covers just 25 percent of demand, with between 40,000 and 50,000 newcomers arriving each year. No wonder both the average price and the average value of Berlin apartments has risen around ten percent annually for the past several years. Experts predict these numbers will start to plateau in the coming years – a good reason to start thinking about selling your apartment today.

Market and target group analysis

The real estate market in Berlin is booming. But the growth in prices and demand is far from being evenly distributed across the city. While in Marzahn and Spandau, for example, the square meter prices for condominiums average around 3,500 euros, the prices in Mitte and Wilmersdorf-Charlottenburg are usually well above 5,000 euros, and in some cases even above 10,000 and 15,000 euros. Decisive for the value is above all the micro-location, but also the building quality, the equipment as well as the size of the apartment. You can only get an accurate picture of the value of your condominium if you continuously monitor the offers of equivalent apartments in your area – or use our free resale service to evaluate your property.

We offer you professional support. ZIEGERT has 35 years of experience in the Berlin market for condominiums, its own real estate market research and has been publishing the highly regarded Ziegert Report for several years. On the basis of the data we collect, and after a thorough inspection and in-depth examination of your apartment, our experts determine its price using the comparative value method. This means: We analyse all comparable apartment offers in the area for you and determine an initial market price from this.

Who are your potential buyers?

Every day, newcomers arrive in Berlin, their biographies and purchase power as diverse as their demographic makeup. That’s why ZEIGERT conducts a customised target-group analysis for each individual apartment on offer. What type of buyer is currently looking for an apartment in your neighbourhood? To answer that question, we consider not just household size (by person), income, and assets, but also lifestyle preferences with regard to amenities, transportation connections, and more. This information is also factored into our proposed asking price.

Is your paperwork in order?

Land register record, energy certificate, minutes from the homeowners association meeting – do you have all the documents you need to sell your apartment? You never want to forget or withhold any information in a sales talk, and buyers naturally want to know everything about your apartment, down to the smallest detail. Our experts will assist you in getting together the necessary paperwork and are ready to help if anything’s missing. The documents you need for a sale, incidentally, will also provide the basis for a professional listing.

What makes your apartment special?

Every apartment is unique, and each has its own distinctive qualities: a great view, perhaps, or a special feature that can’t be found elsewhere. People who live in the apartments they own have usually poured a great deal of love and care into them; as a result, they tend to describe their properties in the most flattering possible light when fielding calls from prospective buyers. Unfortunately, this can create misconceptions about the actual condition and features of the apartment. As a seller, you would be wise to find some internal distance so that you can step back and consider the apartment objectively, unclouded by emotion. This will save both you and prospective buyers a lot of disappointment and trouble. Whatever special qualities your apartment may have, determining their financial value will usually depend on knowledge of the target groups’ habits, tastes, and needs.


The way to get the best price is to find a buyer whose needs align as closely as possible with your offer. For that, you need the appropriate advertising material, including effective and compelling photos of your apartment and a listing as evocative as it is informative. Buyers – especially those who plan to live in the apartments they purchase – will make their decision based largely on gut feeling. A good listing must thus always capture the uniqueness of an apartment and the lifestyle it embodies.

Multi-channel marketing

Once you’ve put together all your paperwork, you’re ready for the next step: marketing your property. These days, the first place to turn for private real estate sales is one of the well-known online platforms like Immobilienscout; together, these sites have a market share of more than 80 percent of all property listings. Afraid your listing will get lost in the crowd? As a ZIEGERT customer, you’ll also be advertising your property on our website and in our newsletter, which together – and in conjunction with our social media – reach more than 100,000 apartment seekers.


Another important element for a successful sale is the reachability of the seller. You should arrange for your listing to go live at a time when you’re not at work – or even worse, on vacation. Prospective buyers won’t try ten times to reach you; if they keep getting your voicemail, they’ll start looking for other sellers. At ZIEGERT, we’ve adjusted to the needs of increasingly mobile apartment seekers. Maybe someone comes across your listing at midnight while surfing the web from the comforts of their sofa. When they call ZIEGERT to inquire, they’ll reach not a call centre or automated service, but a competent, real-life adviser: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Even more importantly, we offer prompt apartment viewings, including in the evening and on weekends.

Price negotiations

“Is there any wiggle room on the price?” It’s the first question a buyer will ask, usually at the very first viewing, often before a purchase has been seriously considered. Sellers who give in too fast can expect costly and in the end probably fruitless negotiations. Staying firm on the fixed price and reminding buyers that there are other interested parties re-establishes equal footing in the discussion. At ZIEGERT, we sell thousands of apartments each year without any negotiation at all; thanks to sustained high interest, there might even be opportunities for upward adjustments. Give us a call today, and we’ll work with you to develop the best negotiation strategy.

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