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Letting an apartment in Berlin

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Find the right tenant quickly and easily with ZIEGERT’s letting service.

Rent means returns. ZIEGERT offers a professional letting service to ensure our customers get the most out of their investment – and so that the decision to buy early is that much easier for prospective owner-occupiers. Our experts are happy to advise you in all matters relating to the letting of apartments in Berlin. With their help, your investment success is all but assured.

What we offer:

  1. Consulting and rental price evaluation
  2. Individual contact person
  3. Pre-purchase calculations of potential rental income
  4. Furnished rentals through Studio Z

With prewar apartments, we manage the entire rental process on your behalf, from determining the optimal price to finding an appropriate tenant, conducting a credit check to drawing up a lease. In new buildings, we go one step further. Prospective buyers who plan to let the apartment they purchase will be informed of possible target groups, appropriate standards, and achievable rental income before their purchase is finalised. That way, you know at an early stage what returns you can expect from letting your new property and what optimisation potential you’ll have at each stage.

Let your new or prewar apartment with ZIEGERT

Determining the rent

To determine an appropriate rental price, we draw on 30 years of market experience and a wealth of research on Berlin real estate widely regarded as best in the industry. Our team knows which prospective tenants are searching for apartments in which neighbourhoods, what they can afford in terms of monthly rent, how much they actually want to spend, and what their other options are. Based on this information, we make a recommendation for an appropriate rental rate, also taking into account the condition of your building and the amenities in your apartment. After consulting with our team, you’ll know significantly more than you would after a superficial glance at a map with reference values – though we do, of course, also provide all pertinent information regarding reference values and the applicable rent index.

In prewar buildings, we manage the entire letting process, from determining the optimal price to finding a suitable tenant to drawing up a thorough lease.

Does the rent price cap apply?

Newly built apartments are generally excluded from the rent price cap; here, freedom of contract applies. Berlin was the first federal state in Germany to introduce a blanket price cap. That means that for new tenancies, existing apartments can only be offered at ten percent above the local average for comparable housing – unless, that is, the apartment was completely renovated beforehand or was already being let at a price above the local reference rent, in which case grandfathering applies. Many landlords have been disconcerted by the new regulations. Our advice? Talk to the experts before you end up setting your rent either too high or too low and risk loss of profits or even legal disputes.

Additional services provided by ZIEGERT

  • Listing design with professional photos
  • Optimal ad placement on popular internet platforms
  • Weekend viewings
  • Tenant selection and credit check
  • Drafting of rental contracts

Optimal listing design

Your apartment’s on the fifth storey in a building without an elevator? The stairwell shows obvious signs of wear? Details like this should, but don’t have to appear in your listing; other information is truly indispensable – details about the property’s energy performance, for example. Since May 2014, landlords are required by law to include the final energy consumption, energy source for heating, and type of energy certificate in all advertising for their apartments. Beyond that, you should also include the year the apartment was built.

At the latest when your listing goes online, all paperwork pertaining to the apartment must be complete. A missing energy certificate is now considered a regulatory offence and can, in extreme cases, result in fines up to €15,000.


Compelling photos and descriptions are absolutely essential to the success of a listing. Especially if you’re letting a higher end apartment, your listing needs to speak convincingly to the tastes and needs of the target group; it’s the only way to achieve your desired rent. Cut corners, and you’ll find yourself in long negotiations about discounts or extra services with the few interested renters – or worse, you won’t find a suitable tenant at all. By the same token, insufficient dissemination of the listing can have a negative effect on the letting process.

With new buildings, we go a step further, advising prospective buyers who intend to let as part of our comprehensive service offer

Reachability and viewings

Another key factor for the success of a listing is the reachability of the landlord. You should arrange for your listing to go live at a time when you’re not at work – or even worse, on vacation. Many interested renters will call in the evening, while driving home from work or relaxing after dinner. At ZIEGERT, we’ve adjusted to the needs of increasingly mobile apartment seekers. Maybe someone comes across your listing at midnight while surfing the web from the comforts of their sofa. When they call ZIEGERT to inquire, they’ll reach a competent, real-life adviser, even at that late hour – no call centre, no automated service. Even more importantly, they’ll benefit from prompt viewings, including in the evenings and on weekends. And because even in these times of high demand, letting remains a highly personal affair for us at ZIEGERT, they’ll never have to attend group or mass viewings. Each viewing is scheduled individually and privately, so prospective tenants can consider your property seriously and carefully.


Professional tenant selection

Professionals don’t just rely on gut feeling when searching for prospective tenants; they take the time to really sit down and talk in depth with each one. Most prospective tenants won’t think twice before responding honestly to a question about the size of their household. Ask them about pets, though, or plans to acquire pets in the near future, and it’s a different story. Other tricky issues include those questions private landlords are reluctant to ask, though asking them could be decisive for the success of a tenancy. For example: do you have any bankruptcy, insolvency, or composition procedures pending? Or that other classic: could you put me in touch with your current or previous landlord? On these points, you’ll only really get sufficient clarity by requesting a credit check and statement from a current landlord certifying that the interested tenants are not behind on their rent.

Rental contracts that reflect landlord interests

Landlords who use a professional letting service to draft their rental contracts tend to get the most advantageous conditions; the same cannot be said for those who download free templates online. If you do opt for an online template, pay close attention to the source. In Germany, for example, one of the first results that comes up on a Google search for “lease template” is from the German Tenants Association. If you’re using a ready-made contract, at least choose one offered by a landlords association or specialist publisher. And you should definitely make sure the lease reflects the latest legal requirements and regulatory standards – for example, regarding cosmetic repairs.

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