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Around 80 percent of our customers make the most of currently low interest rates by taking out a home loan, most of them under the advisement of our experts. ZIEGERT, after all, is not just the biggest real estate agency in Berlin – we’re also the largest independent financial advisory services provider

Our 15-person team of advisors will compare current financing options at some 300 partner banks on your behalf, check which development loans from Germany’s KfW bank and Berlin’s IBB bank are right for you, then put together an optimal personalised financing package based on the available offers. With a loan volume of €120 million last year, we’re well positioned to negotiate attractive terms for your real estate financing.

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Your advantages at ZIEGERT

1. No Call Centre

Another advantage ZIEGERT customers can expect is fast processing time. Thanks to our thorough prep work and years of nurturing good relationships with decision makers in credit departments, our financing inquiries are generally processed faster than those that arrive through everyday channels. Once your financing is approved, of course, you’re one step closer to purchasing your dream home. On top of that, a ZIEGERT advisor will personally walk you through every step of the financing process, from first call to loan disbursement – an increasingly rare service in the age of direct banks. No call centres and anonymous business processes here!

2.Customised consulting

We offer personalised consulting based on your life situation and financial capacities, regardless of whether you bought a ZIEGERT property or went with a different provider. You should never feel bound to the first offer that presents itself. Thanks to our close cooperation with some 300 loan providers, we’re well positioned to find you the best possible conditions for your real estate financing.

3. The Best Offers, Updated Daily

With ZIEGERT, you can be sure of finding the very best offer on the German credit market, updated daily. We analyse your individual situation on the basis of both your desires and your finances, then put together a financing package tailored specifically to your needs. A property loan should adapt to your life situation and provide the most flexibility possible – and it all begins with personalised financing consulting.

4. No paperwork headaches

Exhausted by the prospect of lengthy negotiations with various providers? We’ll take care of that for you – and deal with all the paperwork to boot. From initial consultation to signature-ready contract, we’re with you at every step along the way, ensuring fast and smooth processing and disbursement of your loan. What does top service mean to us? Optimal, personalised advising, by phone or in person, available in Spanish, English, or Turkish. All that, and it won’t cost you a cent!

5. Insurance against future lean periods

For many people, low financing costs are an important argument in favour of home ownership – and yet still, they hesitate to leave their rental situations. Why? Often, it’s because they’re concerned about unexpected future lean periods caused by illness or unemployment, which might make it difficult to maintain monthly payments on a loan. It’s for just such eventualities that ZIEGERT has developed an insurance package in cooperation with AXA; should you find yourself facing an unanticipated shortage of funds, the latter will cover your financing payments for up to 24 months.

6. Stable Financing Rates

At the moment, we’re experiencing a small turnaround, the result of positive economic developments in the United States, which have led to growing demand for capital and increasing investment opportunities. Sooner or later, the European Central Bank will have to respond, but given the high level of debt in some countries, it currently does not have much room for manoeuvre.

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Other obstacles to home ownership include insufficient investment capital, a low credit rating, and the often rather conservative evaluation practices of banks when it comes to private purchases. If you buy an apartment today, you may have to live with the fact that the financing bank sets the value of the property considerably lower than would the market. But that need not be an insurmountable barrier to purchase. Given the sustained favourable development of the real estate market overall, it’s still a good idea to buy – so long as you take advantage of all possible wiggle room. It’s best to seek out creative solutions for your purchase, preferably through a large network of partners. Private customers are thus strongly encouraged either to inquire at several banks or, even better, avail themselves of the services of ZIEGERT’s financing experts.

The Right Fixed Interest Rate

Take advantage of the favourable interest rates and fixed rate loans customary in Germany. For especially cautious customers, banks now offer terms of up to 30 years, though ten or 15 remain the norm, with an amortisation of two to three percent. Any lower and you might still be paying off your loan 50 years down the line. On top of that, you’d be risking high remaining debt after expiry of the fixed interest rate – not exactly ideal.

Follow-up financing

In addition to advising you on your current real estate financing, our team is also happy to support you in securing follow-up funds – at favourable conditions and in a timely fashion. In the current interest rate environment, it’s sometimes advisable to secure favourable interest rates years in advance. If, on the other hand, a so-called forward loan is still beyond the purview of your maturity, we recommend saving up a repayment reserve by means of a home savings contract. Our advisors are happy to explain all the details in person!

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