Management & Advisory Board

Nikolaus Ziegert

Founder ZIEGERT – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH

Nikolaus Ziegert (*1959) was born in Bremen and came to Berlin in 1983 to study biology in order to become a teacher. During his studies he discovered his commercial talent. Since 1985, he has devoted himself to the subject of real estate, especially owner-occupied condominiums in Berlin. The idea back then was that Berliners should feel even more at home in their city despite the supposedly uncertain political status. Over the course of the various market cycles, Ziegert has built up the largest distribution of condominiums in Berlin within 35 years and newly positioned itself as the ZIEGERT Group.

Today, the ZIEGERT Group offers services in all central fields of the real estate industry: in the brokerage of condominiums, in the financing of real estate, and in the development of projects together with property developers, investors, and other partners. The company is managed by Nikolaus Ziegert as Group CEO.

He also established a foundation for affordable housing, with which he wants to support the creation of property in the lower price segment in Berlin.

Sven Henkes

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, he manages the operative business of ZIEGERT – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH and is responsible for all value-adding services from property development consulting, marketing, and sales to Studio Z’s furnishing service.

Within the Ziegert Group, ZIEGERT operates and professionalizes the Agency & Consulting business segment, which Sven Henkes heads as CEO at Group level.

Sven Henkes has ten years of experience in leading marketing positions at Coca-Cola and Carlsberg in Germany and Switzerland. Based in Berlin, he was also responsible for Coca-Cola’s worldwide Christmas campaign. He has been a member of the ZIEGERT management team since 2014. Sven Henkes studied business administration at the University of Trier and the Aston Business School in Birmingham. He also holds an MBA from the European School of Management & Technology (ESMT) in Berlin.

Kyrill Turchaninov

Chief Financial Officer

Kyrill Turchaninov heads the Finance & Administration department and is responsible for all financial matters of the Ziegert Group. This includes the Controlling, Accounting/Tax & Billing, Treasury, Analytics, and Research departments. He is also Head of Human Resources, Legal, and IT.

Kyrill Turchaninov is experienced in building and leading larger, international finance teams in the real estate industry. He was CFO at GE Capital Real Estate in Frankfurt am Main, where he was responsible for finance, tax, treasury, accounting, and reporting. He also held the position of CFO at e-shelter, a provider of data centre services, and worked for Nortel Networks Germany and ABB. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York.

Stephanie Rosengarten

Head of Key Account Management

Stephanie Rosengarten has headed the Key Account Management department since 2018, which advises our strategic partners in the acquisition, development, and implementation of the sales and marketing strategy and serves as a direct contact for the developers in the sales phase. Stephanie Rosengarten can draw on her extensive market knowledge along the entire value chain of real estate as well as her excellent networking in both the B2C and B2B markets.

For five years, she was responsible for setting up and managing the internal financing department of ZIEGERT, where she was entrusted with the task of strengthening the networking of ZIEGERT’s sales and financing division. The experienced bank clerk holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and has been working for ZIEGERT since 2009.

Karsten Waldschmidt

Head of Product Strategy

Karsten Waldschmidt has been the Head of Product Strategy and Product Development at ZIEGERT since 2017. His team has many years of experience and provides property developers and project developers with expert advice on questions relating to floor plans, architecture and building regulations and is responsible for a smooth planning process.

Prior to this, Karsten Waldschmidt worked for Tchoban Voss Architekten for twelve years as an associate partner and head of the design department. This was preceded by project management in several architectural firms and five years as an independent architect. Karsten Waldschmidt studied architecture at the TFH Berlin.

Advisory Board

ZIEGERT – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH has been advised by a prominent advisory board since April 2013. In addition to Angela Mensing-de Jong, former Federal Minister Otto Schily is also a member of the board. Until his death on 31.03.2016, Hans-Dietrich Genscher (former Federal Foreign Minister) also supported us.

“With 1,000 apartments sold last year, we are the leading sales company on the Berlin housing market,” says founder Nikolaus Ziegert. “Our advisory board should help us to fulfil this role even better in the future.” Nikolaus Ziegert refers to the great importance that the topic of living currently has in Berlin. “The city is currently undergoing its most profound transformation since the fall of the Berlin Wall and has recently developed into a European metropolis with an attractive housing market.”

Otto Schily

Bundesinnenminister a.D.

“Georg Friedrich Hegel opens the chapter on property in the basic lines of a philosophy of law with the sentence: “The person must give himself an outer sphere of his freedom in order to be an idea. In property, man’s freedom first takes on its concrete form.

In ownership, us humans seek and find our actual expression. This includes the type of clothing we wear, the things we surround ourselves with, but above all our house or apartment, the design of which, according to our individual ideas, has a very significant influence on whether we can develop in a way that corresponds to our innermost intentions.

The home is the elementary area of freedom in which man is with himself, finds himself and meets other people. And that is why the inviolability of the home is guaranteed as a fundamental right in a free democratic constitutional state.”

Prof. Angela Mensing-de Jong

TU Dresden

“My move to Berlin in 1991 enabled me to get to know and experience the city intensively in the decisive years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Both in my work as an architect and in teaching at the Technical University, we developed and discussed projects that shaped the transformation of the city. Fortunately, Berlin is still not finished today – more than 25 years after the collapse of communism: The city does not offer a closed, harmoniously balanced picture that would be easy to consume.

Berlin challenges citizens and visitors, is often uncomfortable – but this is precisely why it is so attractive for creative minds. For example, there are sufficient reserves of space that allow new forms of living in the city not only to be conceived, but also to be realised.

Since 1.9.2018 I have held a professorship at the TU Dresden and have been working on the topic of urban development in the context of the sustainable development of urban and rural areas”.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Fahrholz

“My own four walls – my home: Here I can design my life according to my own ideas, unfold my very individual freedom. This is how most of us think and feel. This desire accompanies our lives as a basic need – and remains unfulfilled for many people.

The ratio of owner-occupied apartments to the total number of apartments is much lower in Germany, and Berlin in particular, than in our neighbouring European countries. Especially today, in our overall stable economic situation, we should be interested, for socio-political reasons, in giving considerably more citizens the opportunity to meet their basic needs within their own four walls. The associated accumulation of wealth is in the well-understood interest of our social community. Politicians remain called upon to improve the necessary framework conditions.”